Project in partnership with CONGESA

December 30th, and in partnership with developer and builder Congesa, Evelyn Midori, Creative and Commercial Director at Oliver, presented an impressive project by decorator Storia; signed by architect Anderson Leite. With iconic, exclusive design in rooms full of comfort and personality, Oliver provided both aesthetic and tech solutions that elevated the final result of such a refined project.

Lecture for Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce

19th Seminar – How to Enter the North American Market

In September 2023, Karin Moz, CEO of Oilver, was one of the guest speakers at the 19th Seminar “How to Break into the North American Market”; promoted by the Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce. With her enthusiastic presentation, Karin shared her journey as an entrepreneur, giving valuable insights to fellow entrepreneurs who dream of making their company international. Her participation enriched the event with inspiration and practical knowledge. We thank our CEO for her contribution to this successful event and for continuing to be a reference in the business world.

Karin Moz receives a distinguished award in Miami for excellence in design and architecture

On December 3, 2021, Oliver celebrated the end of the year on a lively evening in the city of Miami. At a ceremony of influential guests, professionals and community members, City Commissioner Eddy Leal granted Karin Moz, CEO, a distinguished award for Oliver’s excellence in design and architecture.

The award celebrates individual accomplishments, as well as recognizes collective team talent and the continuous family support throughout her entrepreneurial journey. This event showcases the fundamental role that foreigner professionals play in the Miami business scene, bringing innovation and contributing to city growth.

Kitchen: How to design the most relaxed space in the house

The space must be a harmony of culinary pleasures and the spontaneity of family gatherings.

Over the years, new perspectives arose, bringing changes that go much further than the concepts and interfere with the way of society. Old standards no longer fit in the busy, daily life and functional spaces were becoming more popular. Certain traditions evolved, such as cooking, which was no longer a one-man task, while other traditions stayed the same, such as family gatherings, which received the most relaxed area to gather.

Kitchen design gained touches that were previously not thought of for the space. By putting the oven, in many projects, in an island in the center of the room, the close contact of cooking with the guests became an essential experience for those who appreciate flavors and well-being.
In order to have a versatile space with the latest trends, it is necessary to measure the available space and, to obtain the desired result, a suggestion is to invest in a detailed design with furniture by Oliver Móveis.
And, if possible, hire a local professional such as an architect or decorator. Another aspect that needs to be pointed out is the material with which the furniture will be made, considering that the area will be in frequent contact with food, humidity and heat. Today, Oliver Móveis offers a line of antibacterial MDF, thinking also about your well-being.

When planning the organization of the room, the family’s daily rhythm needs to be taken into consideration, as well as making the utensils easily accessible for their daily needs. In order to create the space and offer greater functionality, the cabinetry provides storage for utensils, in addition to adding to the kitchen’s custom design.

With the modern concept and the rhythm in which people currently live, daily meals are made quickly, yet time is still set aside for chill, weekend dinners with friends. To unite these two things, the bar countertop can be the ideal choice, providing a space for breakfast and also family Sunday lunch. Most of the time, this countertop is attached to the stove on the kitchen island. The practical design increases the kitchen’s free space, which can allow for more traffic flow.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and therefore needs dedication in the designing process in order for the space to transmit care, comfort and fun for you and your family.

Have you already seen Oliver Móveis’ kitchen designs? Visit our social networks, in the kitchen section on our website, and be inspired to create one with your own style.

More than two decades of creating without limitations

Innovation transformed the customized furniture factory into a company that presents numerous possibilities of elaborating exclusive spaces

Oliver Móveis began in 1994 and its success began as a simple carpentry shop in the city of Indaiatuba in the state of São Paulo. With hard work and commitment, it gained experience in manufacturing customized furniture, and specialized in customized and designed productions for all types of rooms for over almost 25 years.

With a modernized factory, Oliver maintains customized production, where each project is individually considered in order to achieve exclusive results. Technology guarantees versatile furniture and allows for easily adjustable personalization for any size of space. The finishes follow the latest trends, giving the product a design necessary for harmonizing the decoration of each room.

With Oliver’s capabilities and talent recognized throughout all of São Paulo, the company has now been offering the best of Brazilian design to the American market for the past few years with an exclusive showroom in Miami. It’s a city known for uniting the best art, decoration, gastronomy and fashion.

The continuous investment in technology and innovation contributes to the manufacturing center’s progressive specialization, located in Indaiatuba, São Paulo.
The work is done with accuracy in each project and loyalty in the production, uniting the latest trends and refined designs into surprising results, together with the originality of Oliver Móveis; a family business that has accumulated two generations of success and recognition.