Create without limits.

Free your imagination and discover a universe of possibilities. Know more about Oliver Furniture.

With over 20 years of tradition, Oliver is a reference in the Brazilian furniture sector, and a company that leads the market with innovation in design, finishes and technology.


Av. Conceição, 242
Indaiatuba, SP
(19) 3834 5868
3834 2156


Midtown Office Lofts, 3401 N, Miami Ave
Lofts 224/227
Miami, FL
(954) 997-0989

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More than two decades of creating without limitations

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Innovation transformed the customized furniture factory into a company that presents numerous possibilities of elaborating […]

Tailored design

With perfectionist and sophisticated work, Oliver holds the highest standard in furniture, finishes and accessories for residential and corporate environments.

Cutting-edge technology

Oliver works with state-of-the-art materials, like furniture with applied nanotechnology, that guarantees scratch and stain resistant products. We have our own machining facility for customizing and innovating on concepts for each project.

Sustainable Furniture

Beyond our attention to details, Oliver works with the leading environmental certification seals. We're a company that makes dreams come true while respecting the environment.


Discover that your dreams have no limits with Oliver.